See what The Studio did in just 1 Hour!!!!

Photograph, Design & Print

So, we had a phone call from one of our customers, Makcari’s. The owner had been given a challenge by his staff to create something new for the summer. He said he needed this product photographed and some poster boards designed for his shops, we had availability in The Studio to take the photo, so he ran up with this Whippy Slush Puppie! We snapped the shot and our design team got to work on the magic which would become the advertising boards in all his Restaurants. He approved the design, we printed 4 of them, mounted them to our 20″x30″ boards and delivered them to him. This whole process from phone call to delivery of the boards happen within the HOUR!

If you have any products that could benefit from a professional magical touch, then get in contact with one of the team at The Studio on 01227 744 441.

Please note that turnaround times can vary at busy times.

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